"Your life is the sum of your actions" -CMH


Change1.us - The Inception: 

Clinton Holcomb founded change1.us on a simple belief:

"One of the most powerful things we will ever do in life is to speak positive words of encouragement into the life of someone who will listen."

He then realized, if he held this belief, he had an obligation to act on it. To act on this belief would require him to bring about a fundamental change in himself.

The realization that acting on his belief would bring about a change, not only in Clint's own life, but also in the live's of everyone who was willing to listen to the positive words of encouragement he spoke, was the final catalyst that brought Change1 into existence.

Clint realized that HE must Change1 because ...

"We often thinking of changing the world,
but seldom think of changing ourselves."
                                                                                                                  -Clinton M Holcomb

This thought led him to the conclusion that ...

"Your life is the sum of your actions." 
                                                                                                                   -Clinton M Holcomb

The final question Clint had to ask himself was  ...

"How do you Change1?"
                                                                                                                   -Clinton M Holcomb

And so, Change1.us was born into a world that needed change; more than hope, more than fun, more than money. If Change were free it would be valueless. The only way to Change1 is to look inside yourself and ask .. "How do you Change1?"

A Brief Word About the Founder: 

The Early Years

Clinton Holcomb is the founder of Change1.us and is a serial entrepreneur. He started his first business at 11 years old; selling lists of athletes fan mail addresses, so fans could request autographed sports card. At the same time he taught himself basic programming language. His fascination with computers led him to desire to build his own computer. He used all of his savings to purchase the needed parts and an older friend helped him build his first computer. The entrepreneur inside of Clint couldn't help but see the potential for selling this computer and building more. He placed an add in the local paper and, by age 12, he sold his first computer. He then began selling computers, as well as setting them up, and showing the buyers how to use them; his dad was gracious enough to chauffeur him and his computers to the buyers homes. As the computer industry changed he adapted with it. Eventually the large companies undercut his prices so he moved into selling parts. At age 15, his mom came into his bedroom and saw boxes of parts stacked to the ceiling and told him to store them in the garage. Clint saw this as an opportunity to expand and quadrupled his inventory; Hi
s mother was less than pleased to find that she could no longer pull her car into the garage. He trimmed down the operation by moving online and drop shipping directly to his customers. He continued to sell computer parts through graduate school. As well as dabbling in personal training equipment, used vehicles, taking over the family seal coating company, and a myriad of other profitable ventures during that time.

The Middle Years

During the final semester of graduate school Clint finally took the plunge into the world of real estate development. He had contemplated several times in the past but was busy with other things. In 2007 Clint went head first into real estate and never looked back. He pursued it with the passion he pursued everything in life. He learned to inspect, repair, build, maintain, calculate, manage tenants and employees, design, read title abstracts and more. As well as becoming a licensed real estate broker, a licensed contractor, and developing a company with over 14 full time employees.

From 2007 to 2014 is when Clint learned the majority of the lessons he shares with people today. These lessons were derived from the struggles he faced on his road to real estate development and business building success. At only 23 years of age, with no prior construction or real estate experience, he started real estate development, in the second poorest city in the country at the time of the 2008 real estate and financial sector meltdown. He built his business during one of the greatest depressions the United States has ever seen. He made plenty of mistakes but never gave up. The end result was turning a $10,000 loan into early retirement. 

During that time he kept true to his entrepreneurial spirit and built a construction company as well as starting a business selling kitchen cabinets and granite. Furthermore, in 2012 he was able to fulfill his life long dream of playing professional soccer.

In 2012 Clint decide that he needed to learn how to make a business run itself, and that is when his entire life changed.

Clint shares his story of struggle and success to inspire and motivate others to change their own lives'. If he was able to overcome the odds he faced truly anything is possible. He desires that his life's story would be a motivation and an inspiration to others all over the world. Clint desires that his latter would be greater than his former. He launched Change1 on the eve of his 30th birthday, with one simple goal in mind: To Change1.

Change1 action, Change1 day, Change1 week, Change1 month, Change1 year,

Change1 Life.

The Latter Years

"Thoughts Become Destiny"
                                                                                                                      -Clinton M Holcomb